Random episodes of The Other Ones, made in 2013.

00:00 – Scaring is Caring (Oct 8, 2013)
00:58 – Nuevos Ojos (Oct 28, 2013)
01:30 – The Trip (Filmed 2013, Edited Nov 22, 2015)

Syp as Kopak, Bezz, Poxxu, & Sigma

Written & Directed by Syp
Original Music by Elena Íviel Berciano

Crash Twinsanity OST by Spiralmouth
Mash Bandicoot by Psycosis (Remix of the Crash Bandicoot OST by Josh Mancell)

These are episodes of The Other Ones that were made after the tenth episode came out but took place before. Like before, I voice everyone.

With “The Trip,” I wrote and filmed (most of) it in 2013 when I went to Hawaii. I forgot to film two different scenes, oops!

After rediscovering the files, I decided to go ahead and edit together what I can. I recorded all the audio the same day I edited it in 2015.